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Pauldon Smith here, and I am a full-time affiliate marketer. It's more like part-time, really, as I don't do a whole lot of work these days, but this is my only "job", and I do quite well with it. My secret: building HUGELY PROFITABLE affiliate websites that push traffic to the best Forex companies on the web. Over the past 10 years I have built and developed some of the top affiliate websites in this business.

Through my 10 years of experience, I have become very good at building Forex affiliate websites. You might say that I HAVE IT DOWN TO A SCIENCE.

  • I know how to build pages that convert
  • I know how to target keywords that rank
  • I know how to find affiliate programs that pay
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I have created an online software program that enables anyone to build Forex affiliate websites EXACTLY like mine. My exclusive website building program creates powerful Forex affiliate websites IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES. These websites include original Forex Broker reviews, Pro Traders tips, bonuses and promotions, store fronts, newsletters, and much more. They have a high bookmark rate, get amazing search engine results, and best of all, they generate GREAT COMMISSIONS!

What are Forex Affiliate Programs?

Online Forex Brokers are a very lucrative business, so naturally, top Forex Brokers are quite competitive with one another. As a part of their marketing effort they create programs which pay a very high commission for sending them referrals. Forex affiliates join these programs, and are then given unique tracking links to use on their websites to refer new Traders. Affiliates can easily earn 20-50% revenue share, or up to $200 for each referral they send.
  • 5 Traders per Month = $12,000 per Year
  • 10 Traders per Month = $24,000 per Year
  • 20 Traders per Month = $48,000 per Year
  • 50 Traders per Month = $120,000 per Year

Pretty nice looking numbers, huh? And I've seen it done! At the very top of this page I asked you, "How would you like to earn $40,000 per month by promoting high commission Forex affiliate programs with a turn-key website?" That's not just a number I pulled out of thin air. It's not my earnings, either. That number is how much one of the users of my program earned in a single month!

What are you waiting for? That could be YOU! Give it a shot. It's free to register and build your website. If you like what you see, I'll only ask you for a small monthly payment to help cover my costs. There is really NO RISK involved for you!

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What Do Other Users Say?

"I would like to say thank you for great earning money platform. I actually run two websites and I have been suprised how easy is to setup a new website, configure overall look, add affiliate programs, add and configure advert banners, but one of the most amazing advatages is SEO config tab which gives me a great opportiunity to getting higher and higher in search engines ranking. I was always confused how to build SEO strong platform but not anymore. I was transform from sceptic to believer. I'm going to start another websites with Affiliate Agent in near future in foreign languages. Thank you Affiliate Agent"

- Arthur O.

Get started now by filling out the Registration Form. The program is easy to use, with no programming knowledge required. You can have your website up and running in no time! And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact support for assistance.